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Sports is in the air with olympics on the horizon, I’m not as fortunate as to be able to shoot the olympics just yet buuut today i spent the day at the Jamaica national stadium shooting track and field events. It was overcast thank God so I didn’t have to worry about being slow cooked like when i was there the day before.

I’m not that huge of a sports fan but I’ve gotta admit there were two excellent races ran today. The most exciting races were actually from the under 9 category a photo of two should be in tomorrows paper from those particular races i’m sure.

On leaving i saw a pretty cool photo that would make an excellent landscape shot but i only had my 70-200 on me as i was shooting races. a 12-24 would have sold that photo. did something with my cell though..

On getting to the company car I drove up (middle car) i kinda found it cool that all the media cars were parked at the same spot. No observer though.. guess they were too busy with other things to show up hehe.

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